About Us

Nepal Film Production House Pvt. Ltd was founded by Savitri Rajali in April 2014 as a natural expansion of her decade long successful Fixer and Translator work for foreign film crews, documentary makers, journalists and INGO’s in Nepal. Initially building upon the success of her nepalfixer.com website, Nepal Film Production House is now rapidly gaining momentum as an independent full-service production brand.

NFPH facilitates all phases of production with on the ground expertise and local knowledge. NFPH can rely on a growing network of local contacts that we build up over the years of shooting in remote areas all over Nepal. NFPH keeps an open mind and we actively work towards understanding our client’s needs while taking into account cultural differences. Additionally, NFPH provides unique and relevant story ideas for producers or journalists looking to feature content from Nepal that is yet to be discovered.

NFPH is a registered company and we are well versed in Nepali legal and governmental practices. We secure the appropriate permits for (foreign) film crews to work freely in Nepal. We cooperate with Nepal Film Development Board, Ministry of Information and Communication, Defense Ministry, Home Ministry, Nepal Tourism Board and other departments according to laws and the nature of the project.

NFPH is located in central Kathmandu, nearby the major sites of interest and a short drive of 15 minutes from Tribhuvan International Airport.